Access Sound Settings to fix sound problem

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While troubleshooting audio or sound problems, you may required to check the sound settings to rectify the sound issues.

If you want to change the existing sound settings such as changing volume, pairing sound output device, enable mono audio, device for speaking and recording, volume mixer, checking speaker properties, setup microphone, test sound, reset sound settings, turn on or off sound or access advanced sound settings.

You can directly access the sound settings option on both windows 10 and windows 11 by clicking on the sound icon on the taskbar.

Why to check the sound settings?

First, check whether do you really require to check a sound settings. If you face below errors or want to change sound settings then definitely you need to look sound settings.

  1. If audio troubleshooter did not identified any issue in audio driver or hardware.
  2. Sound in your device coming low while playing music , video or for notification.
  3. Sound is recording at too low volume.
  4. No sound or very low volume is coming from device or in headphones.
  5. Want to restore sound settings.

Access sound settings to fix sound problem

  1. Right-click on the sound icon on taskbar.
  2. Select option Sound Settings.
  3. Adjust Sound from Sound Control Panel.

How to access advanced sound settings?

  1. Press Windows+R key and type control panel.
  2. Click on Hardware and Sound.
  3. Select sound to show advanced sound settings.

To test output sound you need to connect headphone and adjust the headphones settings.